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Seasons of the Heart CD:  cat no. GFP10010, 2000       

A potpourri of original songs to calm the soul and spirit, from single instrumentals to full symphony and orchestra with one theme in mind -  relax your mind and body. Enjoy the music by yourself with a good book and favorite drink, or with friends gathering for dinner and an evening of soft music. This album is dedicated to my loving wife and daughter from whom inspirations came for many of the songs. Photography and art design by Pat.

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Midnight Rain  6:15
Evening Away  4:25
Love Forever Yours  5:00
Celtic Mist  4:30
Dance of the Morning  2:22
Falling Leaves  6:20
Feelings of My Heart  9:05
Andrea's Whisper  6:04
Gypsy Moth  10:15
Variations on a Theme  1:10
 Breakout CD:    cat no.  GFP10011, 2000        

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Breakout 6:45
Cabo Sunsets  6:53
Jamin Nights  6:10
Night Shift  4:52
Hey You  5:39
Leaving Wallbrook  7:56
Blue Skies  9:20
On Broadway  4:10
Summertime  4:05
Smooth and easy jazz with a twist of blues -  This album and its title track was reborn from years of dormancy in my mind. It brought the excitement and rush composers and musicians get when new songs or riffs come to life. Jazz is an expressive art form allowing the music to become the life and soul of its composer. Interpretive styles of other jazz composers can be heard throughout the album. Many thanks to my wife, Pat, for her photography and art design. 
 Hora Alegre CD:   catalog no. 100122001    

 A noticeable Latin influence makes its presence throughout this album. Mixed with funk and blues, it creates an imagination of sunsets, warm breezes, and party atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas. Let Happy Hour (Hora Alegre) begin.  

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Fiesta a la Cantina    3:18
Salsa (n Chips)    3:42
Baha Breeze    4:16
El Squid Roe    2:58
Sambamia    5:58
No Solana    5:02
Cerveza Oro    8:00
Pez Gato    3:59
Punta Diablo    4:49
Corrida    3:51
Mujer Magia    4:36
Cafe Ole    4:55                                                                                                                          


Chasing the Flash CD: catalog no. 10013, 2008
A mix of smooth jazz with world and latin influences based on the elusive green flash. There is an interesting mix of techo beats behind the melodies in most songs. Imagine yourself at sunset watching for the "green flash" and listening to the rhythmic songs on this album. Photography by Pat

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Sandpiper 5:15
Chasing Sunsets 6:06
Nestled 5:36
Flash 5:33
A Night's Kiss
Red Sky's Delight 6:32
Walk About 4:37
Moondance 3:32
Dance at Dusk 4:32
Evening's Calm 3:14

Pure Piano CD: catalog no. 10014, 2009
Sometimes the simple things are the best. With that in mind, this compilation of original piano songs brings forth the passion and beauty of love, family and nature. Jazz and World influences appear throughout the album. Photography by Pat

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Andrea's Whisper 6:10
Evenings with You 3:44
Gleam in Aiden's Eye 5:40
Summer's Warm Sunrise 4:47 
Jake's Dream 6:28
Rain 4:35 
Milestones 5:54
Sons and Dads 5:47
Winter's First Snow 3:55
A Mother's Love 4:46

Journey for the Soul CD: catalog no. 10015, 2014
This album is my first venture into global fusion of sounds and instruments emphasizing flutes as the centerpiece of original songs. Native American flute recordings come from the canyons and prairies of northern Arizona and central Oregon. Other tracks came from my interest and desire to travel to exotic lands and cultures. Photography and artwork by Pat

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Harvest  3:33
Canyon Storm  5:34
Jarcanda Blooms  4:14
Shensi  4:26
Evening by the Lake  3:20
Sheddy  2:18
Call to Prayer  6:30
Camp Fire  2.59
Celebrate  3:31
Lost Souls  4:34
Beachside  3:06
Pradera  3:24

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