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Showcasing  music, artwork, and photography by Larry and Pat Reedy
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The passion is reborn... to compose, arrange, and record what we see and hear in our minds and hearts. Song writing comes from the soul and reflects emotions and feelings at a moment in time. We want to evoke these feelings to those who listen to our songs and view our artwork and photography. GreenFlashProductions became a reality in the spring, 2000 with that goal in mind. 

 I've enjoyed performing and writing songs since my youth, playing sax in jazz and rock bands through college. After an hiatus of 20 years, the passion was rekindled again, when I was introduced to new music technology found in digital keyboards, pianos and computer applications. 

Each album is themed from a "life" experience during our forty-some years together. Distinct rhythms, beats and riffs will repeat throughout each album. My passion and music interest is in the Jazz and World genres with New Age and Classical influences.

"Breakout" being the first album recorded and released in early 2000 was just that, a breakout of the creative juices. This was followed with "Seasons of the Heart" during the same year and came from the passion and love I have for my wife and daughter.

I've always liked the beats and music of Latin jazz. "Hora Alegre" ( Happy Hour ) was released in late 2001 as a tribute to that interest and our many trips to Cabo San Lucas that followed. 

GreenFlashProductions was named after the elusive Green Flash which appears as the sun sets into a flat sea at night. It only seemed fitting the next album be related to that phenomena. Thus, "Chasing the Flash" became reality, released in early 2008. This album was my first venture into techno beats and rhythmic sounds with strong jazz influences. 

A desire from Pat to have a solo piano compilation lead to the next album,"Pure Piano", released in late 2009. Sometimes the simple structure and sounds of piano without accompaniment makes the best original songs. Jazz and World influences appear throughout this album.

In 2007, I acquired my first Native American Flute and began playing it in the Southwest deserts during our winter travels south. My desires grew to record songs played in the southwest as well as central Oregon high desert country. We wanted the next album to travel the world with flute arranged songs from different cultures. "Journey for the Soul" was born from that interest, released in January, 2014 . It was the most challenging to date with live recording and mixing backgrounds in the new digital world. 

Pat and I do the photography and artwork for each album. Most are themed around nature and its beauty. Pat's keen eye for detail compliments my creative spirit. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoy producing it.  

Larry and Pat       

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